Monday, June 1, 2009

Little Penang Street Market + Matters of the Heart

Since this Sunday was the last Sunday of the month, I decided to visit the "Little Penang Street Market" which is held at Upper Penang Road ( right across the E & O Hotel), every last Sunday of the month. This market is run by a committee of volunteers whose main aim is to showcase Penang's crafts, arts and culture, since July 2006. It is a perfect place to look for bargains and unique crafts and even some antiques.

Later, decided to have lunch at one of the Steak House nearby, but was stopped at the entrance. Apparently, someone just had a heart attack while having lunch. Red meat was known to be bad for the heart, but didn't realize it has an immediate effect. So, I just mooze along to another restaurant right across the street at the Continental Hotel, which is popular for its reasonably priced food. It has a very latin name, i.e. " SALSA". I opted for the set lunch which came with mushroom soup, main dish ( usual choice of fish, chicken, beef, spaghetti), dessert, and a glass of juice. Total came out about RM$15 including tax. Not bad price for a set lunch at a restaurant in town.

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