Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stuffing Your Face in Penang ( Article frm a local food buff)

Stuffing your face in Penang
Ready for a food binge this school holidays? Try our gourmet trail in Penang for the best bites.

IT’S amazing there aren’t more people with weight problems up here, considering all the good food we have. Penangites don’t just have breakfast, lunch and dinner; that’s for ordinary folk elsewhere. We have elevenses and a teatime snack, and let’s not forget a bit of siew yeh (supper) to take us through to the next morning.

If you’re planning a weekend trip here soon during the school holidays, it might mean you have just two short nights with but one full day and a bit of time on either side to achieve your objective: stuff your face.
Dip and eat: Two little sisters tucking into a bit of Lok Lok supper in Gurney Drive.

However, despair not. With a well-planned campaign – none of this, “What do you want to eat?” “I don’t know. What do you want to eat?” lark – you can squeeze in as many as 12 opportunities to indulge!

There is no shortage of outlets for you to visit; the only limitations are wallet size, stomach space and cholesterol level. But hey, it’s not something you do every day, right? So here’s a tip: forget the diet and health kick! And pack only loose clothing. This is one way of pigging out in Penang.

Where does one start? Let’s assume you drove, so having just crossed the bridge, it would make sense to start in that part of town. The Genting Coffee Shop in Island Glades for lunch would be in order. They are famous for their Chee Cheong Fun and Hokkien Mee.

It is wise to relax after a big meal, so a gentle amble in one of our many shopping malls will help the food settle. Retail therapy is a good way of getting over any of that “Oh dear, I’ve eaten too much ...” feeling.

However enjoyable shopping is, it does take a lot out of one so as teatime approaches, sustenance will once again be required. This time round, head for one of the Mamak stalls at the corner of Jones and Kelawei Roads for a rejuvenating fragrant plate of Mee Goreng or Mee Rebus, together with some Pasembur (one must, after all, ensure the requisite roughage is consumed).

For dinner, how about a fragrant nyonya meal? Situated along Lorong Abu Siti, off Macalister Road, are two of our popular restaurants: Nyonya Breeze run by Auntie Rosie; and Mama’s where Ruby and her sisters are supervised by their formidable mother. Tuck into some delicious sambal or Jiu Hu Char, an Otak Otak or two washed down with some home-made nutmeg cordial.

As night wears on, take a short stroll along Gurney Drive, where the aroma of food from the stalls that pack the place will bring on another appetite. At times like these, a light repast is necessary; not too heavy that you can’t sleep but enough to last you till morning. A bowl of Kuey Teow T’ng or some Lok Lok would fit the bill. Or both.

In the morning, tuck into a typical Penang breakfast of Chee Cheong Fun, doused with its characteristic sweet, thick black hey ko sauce, at the Seow Fong Lye Café in Macalister Lane, off Burmah Road.

No trip to Penang would be complete without a visit to one of our great Nasi Kandar outlets, and Clear Line in town is a place to consider.

Rice can be filling, so this may be one afternoon to forego tea. But if you feel there is room, then head for Tanjung Tokong where you’ll find Rajah who serves up a mean Assam Laksa from his mobile stall just outside the shops in Prima Tanjung every afternoon. Make sure you soak up the delicious sour fishy soup with a length or two of Popiah Chee (deep-fried spring rolls), and don’t forget to take away a piece or two of his nyonya kueh.

As evening approaches, Batu Ferringhi will beckon. A surfeit of hawker food, delicious though it is, may mean this is a good time to try one of the many restaurants here.

After the meal, an hour or so of browsing through the stalls, haggling over a few “genuine” fakes, will be quite pleasant.
Popular snack: Ah Kheng’s (pic left) home-made nyonya kueh is packed out every afternoon.

And what better way to celebrate your bargains than to finish the night with a spot of supper at the Long Beach Hawker Centre. A bowl of Wendy’s Hokkien Mee wouldn’t go amiss.

The next morning, queue up for the famous Sisters’ Char Kuey Teow in Macalister Road. Be warned, though: like many other popular places in Penang, it will be crowded and so it’s wise to get there early. Failing that, try the Hin Leong Cafe across the road, which offers a good selection of local favourites.

Before you head for home, drop by the plethora of hawker stalls at Batu Lancang Market, off Green Lane, as you go towards the bridge. Here, Ah Kheng’s home-made nyonya kueh is the talk of the town, and his place is packed out every afternoon.

As this meal will have to keep you going until the next visit, take the opportunity to OD in a last taste of Penang. Bon Appetit!

Helen Ong loves Penang and food, not necessarily in that order. Check out her website

Saturday, May 30, 2009

"Chu-Char" ( Home Cooked Dishes with Rice) in Town

There is a popular "Chu-Char" ( Home Cooked Style Dishes with Rice) Restaurant that has pretty good seafood. The name of the restaurant is " Weld Quay Tree Shade Seafood Restaurant". There is a big tree right in front of the entrance, so I guess that it was named because of the tree. One of my favorite dish is their softshell crab dish, and their baked tofu. They are located just right across the ferry terminal, and they are open for lunch and dinner. Try it and give your comments.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Comedy Court - A Singhalese and Tamil Malaysian Comedy Duo

Comedians Allan and Indi of Comedy Court take on the Malaysian social/political scene in their unique satirical style. Check out their website:

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Favorite Hawker Dishes... Laksa

Penang is known as a food paradise as it has great food everywhere at very reasonable prices. The hawker food is sold in mobile carts which are not so mobile anymore. They stay put at sites designed to house all these food at a single place, so that everyone gets to pick and choose their favorite dishes. Of course, if you are looking for the very best of each type of hawker food, then you will need to do some hunting. Of course, opinion varies on which are the best depending on one's preference. One of my favorite dish is LAKSA. It is made of fish( mackerel or wolf herring) and tamarind, that adds the sour flavor. If u have not had fish soup before, you might not be accustomed to the taste. It actually is quite healthy i.e. low fat and garnished with mint leaves, ginger buds, chili, shallots, and lemon grass. There are many good laksa places in Penang. A few of my favorite places are at the Ayer Itam Market, Coffee Shop at the junction of Gottlieb Rd/Burma Road.
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

NASDAQ... it keeps going & going & going

Now, just like the Bursa, the NASDAQ is like the Energizer bunny. Last week it was down, and just yesterday after Memorial Day, it bounced up. Everyone expects the economy to improve barring surprises coming from the financial sector. There must lots of cash parked outside and needed a place to go for those with 2-3 years investment horizon. Even the technical chartists have been scratching their heads as to how long this up wave will last.  The worse is yet to come.
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a difference... a heavy rain does to fix the haze

After 2 days of haze, finally we had some rain to wash the dust away. I can actually see the KOMTAR tower ( the tallest building in the middle of the picture). Now, if it will only remain this clear for the rest of the week. Not holding my breath though. ( See my post 3 days earlier).

Monday, May 25, 2009

Malaysian Bursa Stock Exchange.. On Steroids

The Malaysia Bursa has been relatively resilient and keep putting new highs for the past 2 months since March. I tried to short this but ended up losing $$. Who knows how long this will last. Nobody knows.
Volume is shrinking though, so not sure how long this rally will last.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Haze in Penang : A Yearly Event.

Just took a picture of the hazy Penang City Landscape. Apparently, this is not a surprise as haze is becoming an annual event here for most parts of Malaysia and Indonesia, mainly due to open burning in Malaysia and Indonesia. When I tried to find info. from the meterological website, there is no mention of any haze. Apparently, it could be a Sunday and it is not updated immediately. Will wait till Monday.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation is coming! Got to see it. Watch the parody here of Jesus and T1. Have a good weekend!

Thank God It's Friday!

Thanks to God for His Goodness! Today was the first day for Alpha for Workplace at a church. Turnout was great at about 20 persons. Today's video is titled, " Who is Jesus?".
Will post more updates from time to time. Got to run.;) Dinner Time!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

31st May 09 : Floral Fest at Botanical Gardens in Penang + Tram Ride

Penang Floral Festival 2009 & Trams Ride
From Sunday, 31 May 2009 - 10:00am
To Sunday, 07 June 2009 - 7:00pm

Floral Fest 2009 & Trams Ride

Date: 31st May 2009 ~ 7th June 2009

Pesta hours: 9am to 7pm

Trams operation Hours: 9am to 5pm (20th - 30th May & 8th - 20th June),9am to 7pm (31st May - 7th June)

Tram fees: RM1/adult and RM0.50/child ( About 15 min. per ride)

Organizer: Penang Botanic Gardens

Contact: 604-2270428

Location: Penang Botanic Gardens

Events and programs:

31st May (10am to 2pm) - Official Opening Ceremony at Bandstand

31st May to 7th June (9am to 7pm) - Orchid Show & Competition at Formal Garden

31st May to 7th June (9am to 7pm) - Adenium Show & Competition at Formal Garden

31st May to 7th June (9am to 7pm) - Floral Art Show at Information Center

31st May to 7th June (9am to 7pm) - Carnivorous Plant Show & Competition at Formal Garden

31st May (9am) - Sculpture Competition at Bandstand

6th June (9am) - "Fancy Dress Competition" at Nature Heritage Exhibition booth

6th June (9am) - Children Drawing Competition at Bandstand

6th June (9am) - Children Colouring Competition at Nature Heritage Exhibition booth

31st May to 7th June (9am to 5pm) - Nature Heritage Exhibition
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My Tomato Plant

Started growing a couple of tomato plants straight from the seed since Feb. this year in my little garden at my apartment. The little seedling sprouted into a luscious tomato plant with lot of leaves and flowers. Only main problem is "Where IS the TOMATO??" I started adding some fertilizers that I bought from Tesco that contains phosphates that are supposed to make the plant flourish. It seems that just helps the plant to sprout healthy leaves which is fine if I wanted to grow ferns or some other "decorating" plants. I did a little research and found that to "program" or persuade the tomato plant to produce tomato, u need to do 2 things, i.e. cut off or trim off branches that does not bear flowers, and fertilize the soil with calcium ( I use crushed and boiled egg shells), which is one of the building blocks needed to create juicy tomatoes. So that's what I did, and presto after a few weeks, I started to see something coming to "fruitation". A little tiny tomato started to sprout. It made my day! Took a picture of my pride and joy. :) Now, waiting for it to get bigger, and turn into a bright red and juicy tomato. Tomato Soup, anyone?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Bawah Matahari" Blog web address

In case u are wondering why my blog address is titled "bawahmatahari", well it is a literal translation of of "under the sun" in the Malay language. While writing this, my place and surrounding area had a power failure. Now typing this with battery power. hee hee :) Let's see how long this power trip will last. sigh! Well, attached is a picture of my surrounding area esp. the apartment blocks without lights, except for the emergency lights at the common areas.
Well, nothing much u can do without power, so retiring early to bed. Nighty Night.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Newbie... One small step for man

Someone once said, " A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step". ( Err, don't quote me on it), but you get the gist. Well, today is my first step at blogging... everything under the sun; almost everything as there are some laws that I still need to follow. I think it is written somewhere in the excruciatingly long terms and agreement when I signed up for this blog.
I am a regular guy in Penang who has varied interests such as scuba diving, motorbikes, backpacking, computer related, hi-fi audio investing, and religious or life philosophies. In other words, most of what I shall be writing will be along those topics.
Hopefully, these are similar topics of interests for you; my readers.