Saturday, January 28, 2012

Double your Money in 5 years! Gov't Get Rich Investment Scheme

Main - Malaysia - SARA 1 Malaysia not fast buck scheme, says PNB chief @ Fri Jan 27 2012

Sounds very fishy to be able to get 30% + in your savings, or double your money in at least 5 years? This will backfire if they don't come clean on how they are able to get this kind of returns. The only thing is why EPF cannot give at least 10% return if this scheme is able to generate such high returns. 
This is all part of pre-election goodies thrown to the public to gain support and votes.  Lots of this types of "vote buying" tactics are being employed lately.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chinese New Year Celebration

Well,.. it has been a number of months since my last blog. It is CNY and have some time to blog about the New Year. This year's New Year is slightly cooler than previous years as we had some rain this time round. Usually, it is usually dry and super hot, and u can see the grass turning a shade of brown.
Have a great New Year for those who are celebating, and pls try to keep the firecracker volume down.  Hmm, maybe that is wishful thinking but there are still too many around who loves to make a racket during this time of year.  Some earplugs would be handy if you are trying to sleep.