Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Penangite "Culture"

Today, I just decide to ramble about typical Penangite "culture", which some of it is also applicable to Malaysians....
  1. Penangites are known for being very thrifty. In other words, they go thru great lengths to avoid paying anything more than it is necessary, and if they can get it free, even better... and they will  have a sense of triumph when they managed to get a good deal.  Some examples,... they will try to avoid paying for parking fee, and often park illegally by the roadside, and as close as possible to their intended destination.  They will also compare at different shops for a particular item to save a couple of cents.
  2. Penangites are also known to be very informal and not very particular about dressing up. ( maybe more applicable to guys). Slippers and round necks are favorite attires esp. during the day time where it is usually hot and humid for most of the year.
  3. Penangites are usually law-abiding citizens, but you do get a few "Kiasu" ( afraid to lose) drivers on the road, who jumps queue, ignore trafffic lights, and never seem to use their indicators when making a turn. ( trying to save electricity?)
  4. Penangites in general loves to eat, and you can see almost every coffeeshops are usually crowded thruout the day. And you can find eating places at every imaginable empty places ( see pic); by the side walk, in the alley, on main road,...etc.
  5. Penangites are usually anti-establishment from the political aspect. I guess they felt they were being short-changed by the federal gov't esp. for spending allocation for infrastructure which has been lacking considering that they contribute a high% of the income tax to the federal gov't.