Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Durian Season!

It's Durian Season in Penang! I love eating it. Some don't like the taste and smell. I guess you need to get accustomed to it. Someone actually compiled a guide on the different types of Durian, which a lot of the great ones came from Penang. The plantation owners have been experimenting with different durians types, coming up with many unique durian characteristics esp. the flavour, and color. Here's a run down on the different famous ones:

D11 (pic above) : It has creamy yellow flesh with a pleasant taste and subtle smell.
D604 : Cultivated by the late Mr. Teh Hew Hong of Sungai Pinang, Balik Pulau. It is sweet, and has some 'body' to it as the seed is small.
D600: Also from Sungai Pinang in Balik Pulau. The flesh as a bittersweet taste, with a touch of sourness.

D700: Slightly darker flesh and harder than D600. Crispy, and the smell is not very strong
Ang Sim: It has soft and sweet flesh, with dark yellow colour. Very nice aroma.
Khun Poh: Named after the late Mr. Lau Khun Poh. It has a beautiful orangy flesh, with a slightly bitter-sweet taste and very heavy aroma.

Hor Loh (Water Gourd Durian): One of my favourites! It is very soft, dry and slightly bitter, with a sharp smell. It was cultivated at Brown Estate at Sungai Ara. It's name comes from its appearance resembling a 'Hor Lor' ( pumpkin). If the durian hits the ground hard, the flesh tends to be bitter.

Ang Heh ( Red Prawn Durian): Another popular durian. Originated from Pondok Upeh, Balik Pulau. It is round, and the orange reddish flesh is very aromatic, and soft with a bitter-sweet taste.
Yah Kang ( Centipede Durian): It has a whitish flesh, and the taste is superb and milky. The name 'yah kang' means centipede, which is due to the many centipedes found at the foot of the tree.
Well, there are many more with unique names that reflects its characteristics or even named after famous celebrities e.g. Jackie Chan. Go ahead and experiment, and see which are your favorites.
Update (2nd July 09) : The author just discovered that the information and pictures that he received via email was from
And he would like to acknowledge the source.

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