Monday, May 3, 2010

A good article on how the country is run like a company...( appropriate for Labour Day)

A talent for disservice and dishonesty (by Mariam Mokhtar)

Just would like to share a link about the current Malaysian politics scenario. If current politicians are graded or have their performance measured as if they are in a company, they would have either been demoted or sacked.  For a country to progress, the leadership or politicians will need to be competent and of a certain IQ. Sadly, too many petty issues get in the limelight while the country real issues are put in the backburner.

It has been hot and humid for past few weeks...

The weather this past few weeks have been getting hot and humid lately. I am not sure how long this is going to last but for sure, not a good time to be outdoors. Not a good climate especially if you have to store electronics or books in a closed environment. I have been using dehumidifiers based on calcium chloride to absorb the moisture from the air, and most of them have been used up, i.e.  filled with water, and therefore needs to be replaced.  I have been keeping my camera gear in air tight containers with dehumidifiers (see pics) to make sure they remain dry and not get moldy. 
Penang weather today....
Mostly Cloudy
Temperature:29°C Dew Point:26°C
Barometer:100.7 kPa Wind:n/a
Humidity:83.9 % Visibility:8 km