Saturday, August 14, 2010

Census 2010 ( 6th July till 22nd Aug)

Just yesterday I had a census enumerator dropped by my place to get some "data" from me. According to the enumerator, the census purpose is to get look at what is the average Malaysia family size, education level, income level, type of vehicles he or she drives,  different house appliances they own,...etc.  Some of the questions that they ask I thought were pretty personal. Anyways, I just gave whatever info that is requested to help our gov't assess how well or bad we have come along compared to 10 years ago from the last census.
Out of curiosity, I visited online the Malaysian's Gov't Statistics Dept, who is  basically is coordinating this survey, and find quite a wealth of information on their website ( Dept of Statistics, Malaysia). The only thing that is behind my mind, is how accurate are these data considering how many people will be truthful to tell everything, knowing that there is a mistrust between the people and the gov't. Well, let's see in the next few months what is the outcome of the census.
Hmm, our gov't are keeping up with the times, as they are even  on FB. Just do a search for Banci 2010 

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