Friday, February 5, 2010

Wish List#2: Traffic Management

For a small island as Penang, traffic management could be better.  There are a few fundamental traffic management flaws that I see that makes the traffic worse:
a.  Too many traffic lights; it just slows traffic.. Use more U-turns instead for traffic that wants to cross to the other side.
b.  No proper "ring" highways roads that provides the main artery for traffic flow. Just imagine a hwy that circles around, and with exit points to the main towns, e.g. Air Itam, George Town, Gelugor, Bayan Baru,...etc.
c.  No proper bike lanes since Penang has lots of motorbikes
d. Too many illegal parking that blocks traffic flow... Police not showing their presence.

One example of constant traffic jam and provides bad reflection of Penang as whole especially for outstation visitors, is the main hwy that winds towards Jalan Mesjid Negeri, near Tesco.  Visitors driving in to Penang via the bridge will get bottled up here when heading towards the northwest part of the island.
The main reason for the messy jam is the traffic light at Jalan Delima and 2-to-1 lane merge at the underpass.  Whose bright idea was this, since this is a major artery road to the north?  If Penang road network is liken to a human blood circulation system, the human will get a "heart attack" with all the clogs  in the systems.
May I propose a solution to this longstanding issue? Remove the traffic light at Jalan Delima and provide U-turns for traffic that needs to exit or enter Jalan Delima.
For now, complaints on traffic jams in George Town can be made to the operations control room of the George Town police headquarters at 04-2181880.

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