Friday, November 6, 2009

I am impressed...

There are some semi-govt agencies that offers pretty good customer service nowadays. One recent pleasant encounter was when I wanted to find out how to get the water pipe plan to my apartment unit so that I will know where exactly to hack my wall to install my water filter for my whole house. I went to the Penang Gov't website customer service site ( to get information on how to get the water pipe plan since my developer didn't want to release the plan on grounds that it is classified. Within 1 day I received a reply frm them via my registered email to check with PBA( The PG State Water Supply Corp). I sent them an email (, and likewise within a day they replied to me. I was informed to write a formal letter to request for the plan. I will be doing that and hope to hear from them soon.  This "rakyat" is pleased so far with the level of service from our local state government.

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