Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Tomato Plant

Started growing a couple of tomato plants straight from the seed since Feb. this year in my little garden at my apartment. The little seedling sprouted into a luscious tomato plant with lot of leaves and flowers. Only main problem is "Where IS the TOMATO??" I started adding some fertilizers that I bought from Tesco that contains phosphates that are supposed to make the plant flourish. It seems that just helps the plant to sprout healthy leaves which is fine if I wanted to grow ferns or some other "decorating" plants. I did a little research and found that to "program" or persuade the tomato plant to produce tomato, u need to do 2 things, i.e. cut off or trim off branches that does not bear flowers, and fertilize the soil with calcium ( I use crushed and boiled egg shells), which is one of the building blocks needed to create juicy tomatoes. So that's what I did, and presto after a few weeks, I started to see something coming to "fruitation". A little tiny tomato started to sprout. It made my day! Took a picture of my pride and joy. :) Now, waiting for it to get bigger, and turn into a bright red and juicy tomato. Tomato Soup, anyone?

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