Monday, March 22, 2010

Wish List#3: More Parks Needed

I believe Penang has a high number of active folks who would love to have more recreational parks for them to breathe in the fresh air and for a place to exercise. Sadly, there is only a handful of parks in Penang, and you can tell by the crowd you see on the weekends that there are not many choices. The most popular  park is now the Botanical Gardens and Youth Park. Both are located very close to each other, and the single lane road access becomes a bottleneck.  There is a big renovation going on at Botanical Gardens with more parking lots, but some long term planning needed to widen the access road as there is only a single lane road going into the park.
A couple of parks or places of recreations in Penang now are:
a.  Botanical Gardens - nice lush surroundings with many trails (
b.  Youth Park ( Taman Belia) - Lots of exercise machines, and skate and skateboard rink.
c.  Air Itam Dam - Nice place for running but a bit isolated and not safe esp. at late evenings or very early mornings  ( Video)
d.  Bukit Dumbar, Jelutong - A bit small for a park built on top of a underground reservoir. Not enough greens to provide a cooling atmosphere.
e. Metropolitan Park, Relau - haven't been there yet.
Other notable smaller areas esp. for hiking are:
a. Bukit Hijau ( Green Hill at Island Park)
b. Bukit Jambul ( Hiking Trail to the top of hill)
c. Pearl Hill , Tanjung Tokong ( long road up a hill to a Sultan's residence)

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