Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Economic Model

Below is an excerpt of what to expect for the NEM at the end of this month. My thoughts included ( in bold fonts)...

The New Economic Model (NEM), which is expected to be unveiled at the end of
this month, could have eight key initiatives aimed at achieving a high-income
economy, source said. As expected, among the proposed actions plans, which are
being firmed up, are strategies:
– To move towards a high-income economy (Nice... but how?? Sounds very high level)
– The phasing out of subsidies, which may follow Indonesia’s model of subsidy
reforms ( Phase out subsidies ... also include removing high tax rates on automobiles? This is an indirect subsidy policy as this protectionist policy fosters an inefficient car company due to no competition)
– The continued gradual removal of affirmative action policies ( how gradual is gradual ? 10 months or 10 years? How about a qualified non-Malay CEO for at least 1 Government Linked Corporation(GLC)  for a start. Just 1.. not asking too much)
– To restrict the employment of foreign workers across all sectors in order for local
workers to have more job opportunities (most jobs pay are too low for locals... raise the min. hourly wage.  Business cost may go up, but so does spending power. It will come back full cycle. Just don't pay peanuts, as you will get peanuts in return).
– The measures of “Green” or environmental initiatives ( Need more details on green.... One good initiative is improve on the public transport system la.  People forced to drive and pollute the air with their automobiles since the public transport is not convenient and undependable)
The new model is expected to be announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib
Razak at the annual Invest Malaysia conference on 30-31 Mar, will likely pick up
where last year’s sweeping reforms left off. (Financial Daily)

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