Sunday, October 25, 2009

Watch out for Nails on the Penang Bridge

Lately, a few of my colleagues who commute from Penang to Kulim( on the mainland) had really bad experiences of their car tire punctured or becoming flat overnight due to nails stuck to their tires. It may seem coincidental, but it appears that someone has been placing nails on the bridge to "earn" some money to fix flat tires esp. motorcycles. These nails are about 1 inch long and are bent in a "L" shape to make it penetrate easier when the tire rolls over it. So to be safe, for those who use the bridge, my advice is to check your tire daily to see any drop in air pressure, as the nails are hard to see with the naked eye once it is embedded in the tire, and to drive on the fast lane, i.e. keep right. I saw on one morning at least 3 motorcycles with flat tires on the bridge. I hope the Penang Bridge management is aware of this and do something more proactive before someone gets hurt badly just because of some greedy persons trying to make a quick buck.

Update (26th Oct): There is a page on the Penang Bridge website that says that they will tow motorcycles to a mechanic FOC. How about cars?

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