Thursday, July 30, 2009

Places to Visit in Penang

I was in Singapore for a few days and was chatting with one of the taxi drivers there. He was asking where I was from, and upon knowing that I was from Penang, he was asking what to do there if he's there for 2-3 days, or what are the attractions there. I told him immmediately to try the Penang Hawker fare but didn't give him an answer on what are the places that he could visit. Now that I am back, a few things that I shld have told him to do when he is here is probably to go for a trip round Penang Island, and stop over at a few places e.g Balik Pulau ( for its famous Laksa, and durian if in season), visit Pulau Betong beach, and the fruit farm and dam near Teluk Bahang. At night, a visit to Gurney Drive and/or Penang Hill will be worth a visit. A walk around historical downtown Penang is also worth a visit with free Penang bus ride that takes you to all the historical sites.

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