Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Horse Show in Penang ( Good for some Action Photo Shoots)

There will be a horse show at the Penang Turf Club, this Friday till Sunday ( 5th-7th June).
It is an Equestrian Event with competitions in dressage, carriage riding etc. Apart from these competitions, there will be pony rides and carriage rides for the public. A carnival air will prevail with clowns, stage shows for children, food and games stalls. There will also be an exhibition of various types of horses and ponies to educate the public on the equine industry.
It should be fun. I have never ridden a horse before. I rode an elephant once in Thailand, but I am pretty sure a horse shld be more fun. At least I shld as a horse doesn't have a trunk that likes to splash unmentionables on its rider.
The admission is free but the rides will cost ~ $2.
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